For the Love of Women series part 2


Did you know that there is a word for hating women? I didn’t. The word is misogyny and it’s recorded as being used as far back as 1656. Yeah, that’s not a typo, I really meant 1656 A.D. 

Think that just refers to men who hate women, who think women are second-class citizens, property, nothing more than something to take care of their needs. Think again. This definition states simply a hatred of women. Very common now is the practice of “being a hater” and the most proficient persons at this seem to be women when talking about other women. 

 The “funny” thing about women being misogynistic is that it’s not usually based on a perceived notion of wrongdoing but more an emotional aversion. Emotional in that there is no consistency about what they like/dislike or the type of woman who falls victim to the hate.

 Slender is considered too thin, anorexic or bulimic.

Overweight is considered gluttonous, lazy or frumpy.

Showing skin is considered slutty, attention-seeking and inappropriate.

Staying covered is considered prudish, plain and matronly.

Big breasts are considered too much, to be hidden, and slutty.

Small breasts are considered too small, boyish and unwomanly.

 These are just some of the insults that I have heard and read that women say to or about other women. In the same breath one woman will be slutty because of the cut of her top while another is a prude because her skirt goes to her ankles.



Does the way someone else dresses really alter your life in such a way that you need to insult them? Or is it just an attempt to feel better about yourself? 

 I used to fall into that misogynistic state of mind, and to be honest, still do at times. But I decided to do my best to uplift women that I come into contact with instead of putting them down.



Stop the Misogyny…stop the #girlhate. #Empower others and be empowered!

In the next installment, the discussion turns to our inner voice, and what it says about us.


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Women series part 2

  1. jasteck

    Thanks for writing on such an important topic. You are so right about how words can be perceived as so demeaning. It’s so important that we support each other.



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