Take it Easy and Take Care

I am on a countdown. A time bomb waiting to explode.
I am both excited and dreading what is to come. 
This will forever change everything. Some might say for the better, but I, well I am not totally convinced. 
You see, my son, my 4-year-old baby boy, whom I have written about before, is about to start school. Kindergarten. I’m excited for him because I still remember Kindergarten and how fun it was. Going to centers, recess, everything being so new and full of learning moments. I’m excited for him because he is most definitely an extroverted, “people” person. He loves attention and being around other children. School will put him in his element and give him more interaction than he now gets at home. 
And he is so smart. He already knows how to write, say and the sound of the entire alphabet. He can count up to 120, and by tens to 100. He can add and subtract single digits equations. And we are working on reading. He loves to draw. And his memory when it comes to music is amazing. For instance, about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago we purchased the Disney Frozen movie. He has watched it maybe 2 to 3 times a week since then and he can recite all of the songs, except for some words he doesn’t know, but he says something very similar sounding. He can even do the sound effects of the movie, in order. 
So I know that he will soak in all the experiences that present themselves. And there lies the part that I am dreading. I’m gonna say right now, I know that my son isn’t perfect. He gives me attitude at times that would make any teenager proud. But he still has that sweet, baby-like innocence. 
Do you know what I mean? 
He has never been exposed to someone who didn’t like him just because. Just because of skin, hair color, size, the way he talks, where he lives, what he wears, etc. I mean the list can go on and on. I wish it wasn’t that way. He isn’t like that. He goes into things just happy to be doing it. Mickey and I try to make a point of not referring to people by a generic term. It’s important to us that he see people for their inner self instead of the outward self. 
Also, he has never had his heart broken, from a first crush. Or the first “friend” that does him wrong behind his back. The teacher that shows favoritism, and he isn’t a favorite. 
So many things, things that I can not watch and control, are going to be able to touch his life. And I know, my mind knows, that this will make him into the man that he is meant to become. But my heart just wants to protect him from the hurts. 
So…Kindergarten…take it easy on my heart and take care of my boy.

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