The gift of Blueberries

blackberries-387470My sister Christi stopped by a few days ago after having been to a farmers market. She generously shared some of her findings with us, although according to Jacob it was all for him. In addition to a lovely butternut squash, we were happy to receive some organic blueberries. Jacob immediately set about eating a few of them.

Jacob, Mickey and I discussed what we wanted to do with the blueberries. They aren’t one of our usual berry buys, opting more for strawberries. But we finally reached a decision. Pancakes. And at a later time, muffins. So, that would be our Sunday brunch.

100_1732Jacob loves to help me cook and I love for him to gain that life skill as well as safety training lessons on heat, cooking and being aware. So Sunday morning, standing on his step stool, Jacob helped to cook fresh blueberry pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs.







The results were wonderful! And we had fun too. Thanks to my sister for the gift of blueberries!


2 thoughts on “The gift of Blueberries

  1. dltolley

    Oh, I LOVE blueberry pancakes. Actually, blueberry anything! Look at that little man! Standing on that stool, he has already climbed up a rung on the ladder of independence!



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