Shop Til Ya Drop!

I’ve been on kind of a slump lately about providing new activities for the kids. So, since my great-niece was going to be spending a couple of nights with us, I decided to put together a make-believe “store”.
I found a wonderful printable of play paper money from 
Then Mickey and I went about gathering other objects such as wallets, old ID’s, expired Credit cards, shopping bags, grocery lists and a netbook to pose as the cash register. Then we gathered items for them to “buy”, different grocery items, some toys, empty baby food containers, etc.  It turned out really well albeit a bit unorganized, but since neither of the kids had played shopping before no one was really the wiser.
I am in the process of adding more stuff to the mix. I have kept food boxes (which I taped shut), some cleaning bottles (after thoroughly cleaning them), a bag for chips and hamburger buns (both of which I filled with wadded paper to make it seem the bags were full). I’m still looking for purses, dramatic dress-up clothes, plastic coins and something to use as a cart (hopefully something that won’t take up much room).
They had fun and hopefully, as they get use to it, it will be even more fun for them. Then, as princess grows, they can show her how to play.
Here are some pictures from our playtime.
PicMonkey Collage

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