What the hell is wrong with people?

Since starting this blog, I have tried to stay more up on the news, especially that concerning parenting, kids and home. And I have come to the realization that there are some pretty messed up people on this earth.


These beautiful little beings, that we as parents have been given to nurture and love, are not pawns or scapegoats for the emotional issues adults deal with. They are not here as a punching bag or a sexual being. They are not burdens to be handled or crosses to bear. Despite what the voices might be telling you, no one is telling you to do crap. Plain and simple, you are crazy and evil.

To those that hurt children, you are scum.


Ok I am through with my venting. For now.





7 thoughts on “What the hell is wrong with people?

    1. mommaboo83109 Post author

      I agree it’s so hard to understand. I hug my children and tell them I love them even more when I read these types of articles because I want them to know that I treasure them.


  1. Suzanne Fluhr

    My first job after law school was as a legal aid lawyer. I told them I did not want to do family law. My first assignment—family law. Child custody cases were bad enough (yo, people, your children do not have perforated lines, so you better figure out how you are both going to parent them together). But then, I was assigned to represent parents who were being investigated for child abuse or neglect in the civil court action where the county was trying to figure out what to do with the family. When one of my clients called me from the hospital after giving birth to her 6th child (the other 5 were already in foster care) to ask if I thought she should have her tubes tied as the doctors and social workers were suggesting, the lawyer side of my brain was thinking I should tell her about her options. I said, “Absolutely!”


    1. mommaboo83109 Post author

      Yes if people would just learn to use safe sex or abstinence as a solution to not wanting their children, it would stop these poor children from entering this world unloved and damaged.


  2. Kim Dalferes (@KimDalferes)

    I almost never see things as this or that, black or white. Mental illness manifests in many forms. However, there are also times when horrible events are not initiated by mental illness but rather an evil so dark it would allow someone to harm a child. I have no patience for this kind of evil.



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