Please remember the children…

There have been so many stories of parents leaving their children in hot cars, or worse “purposely” causing them harm.

I hate reading them, they hurt my heart. I cry for the little life that was lost because of stupidity. I’m happy for those who were abused no longer have to deal with the evil and hatred that infiltrated their few years but I wish they could have found freedom and happiness alive. I’m angry because even the most defiant and undisciplined child deserves a happy life.

Believe me, I know that children are not perfect. Even my own children! My son has anger issues, he likes to hit me and most of the time he blatantly does the opposite of whatever we (his father and I) ask of him. But as frustrated and overwhelmed as I may feel at times, my children are always on my mind. If the lights flicker in the house due to a storm, my first reaction is to place a flashlight close to Jacob because it frightens him to be in total blackness. I start the car, before putting in the kids, to get the windows down or the A/C on so that air can circulate.

My mind whirls with questions when I read articles like this.  I’m not trying to accuse or judge but as a parent I question forgetting your child. I mean for one thing, its not a simple task getting them dressed and loaded into the car. Then as for my children, my son especially, talks almost the entire time we are in the car. Constantly being asked questions or  Not to mention the continual checking on them at stop signs/lights and such.

Then I read articles like this and I wonder why some people bother to have children. I mean, come on, we all know how it happens and all the various ways to prevent it. If I get overwhelmed with Jacob’s anger, instead of responding with anger also, I try to remove us from each other for a cooling down time. It helps. Sometimes, I just try to ignore the behavior in hopes that it will go away. That works about half of the time. And then other times I respond with anger of my own by raising my voice, and I hate that I do that and its something I’m working on. My point is that we as parents need to control ourselves better because we have had years of practice whereas our children are still learning the full scope of their emotions.

I hope that the children who survive find ways to live a fulfilling and love filled life. And I am comforted by my belief that those children who lost their precious lives were accepted into the waiting hands of the Heavenly Father.children



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