My Dad

My dad with my baby Michaela

My dad with my baby Michaela

My dad is a great man. Bless his heart, he put up with, er I mean raised, four daughters. He has always worked hard to provide for his family and been there for my mom and all of us girls. I say girls, but I’m the youngest and I’m 40.

He treated us with respect and love, unless we fought with momma. In that case, heaven help you, you were going to receive that white upper lip. That upper white lip was usually your only sign that Dad was unhappy. I don’t really recall it ever going further. But as for me, just seeing the lip was enough to know that I had overstepped the line.

And although I still learn life lessons from dad, there are some that I hope to transfer on to my own children.

  • You should always know how to change a tire….I’m pretty sure he taught all four of us how to do it.
  • If no one is in the room, turn the light off….Always said this when we all lived at home, and I already say it to my son.
  • Never sign your name to something without reading itsigning my first car finance was when I learned this one.
  • Take a chance and help peopleDad always stopped to help people if they were having car trouble.
  • Whatever job you do, do it to your best ability….Dad worked his jobs with loyalty, perseverance and diligence. Always.
  • Always kiss your partner goodbyemom and dad had a ritual. When either one left for work, the other was at the door waving and kissing bye. Proud to say, I try to always do this with Mickey.
  • Support your partner in all thingsmy best example is after moving into their home mom wanted to tear down walls, dad was right there beside her.
  • Treat your partner like royaltyDad has always, even to this day, done everything he could for mom.
  • Stand by your partner through everything….My mom has a form of Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home. My dad is there every single day, rain or shine. He feeds her, takes her on walks, watches tv with her. Anything he can to just be with her. #Alzheimerssucks #loveconquersall

I love my dad and appreciate everything that he does and has done for me and our family. And I hope that I can be as great a parent as both of mine are.



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