Keeping watch!

Michaela, first attempt at roll over

Michaela, first attempt at roll over

My baby, Michaela, is learning to roll over.

She started out with an odd sort of twist, looking more like she was trying to stand on tiptoes, twist, and peer behind her all at the same time. Now she flings her body over and everything is in position. Except that one stubborn little arm. You know which one I mean, that one that she is laying on. I watch her thought process as she tries to figure it out.

I want so much to be able to help her through it. To show her how to move that arm and lift herself up. But then again, I think to myself, Do I really want her to know how to do that already? And the answer is yes and no.

Yes I want her to learn on her own and feel the accomplishment of pulling herself over. I want her to grow and reach her milestones. She already loves to be held in a standing position so I know she will enjoy so much being able to crawl, sit up and eventually stand on her own. And it will open such a world of excitement around her, her brother Jacob, her daddy and myself.

But on the flip side of it all, no, I’m not ready. This is my tiny little baby. The child, who not even 6 months ago, was still growing inside my belly. As soon as she learns to roll over, then she will crawl, sit up and eventually stand up on her own. And I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.

I can’t hold her back. I have to embrace the new things she is learning because I can’t stop them. But even more important, I don’t want to miss them. So I will stand close by, camera in hand, watching and waiting for the inevitable to happen. And when it does, I will be one proud momma!


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